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Since 1994

Your supplier of flavourful perfection

Experience the splendour of perfectly balanced gourmet products. Discover our assortment for professionals.

Since 1994

Your supplier of flavourful perfection

Experience the splendour of perfectly balanced gourmet products. Discover our assortment for professionals.

Since 1994

Your supplier of flavourful perfection

Experience the splendour of perfectly balanced gourmet products. Discover our assortment for professionals.


Goose foie gras and duck foie gras

When quality meets versatility

Our top-quality foiegras is the most versatile product for any culinary professional. From fresh lobes prepared to your specifications to hand-denervated liver and fully finished dishes: whatever you desire, we prepare.

Deep-frozen duck foie gras

Outstanding baking quality

This Maison Mitteault – from Poitiers, France – is guaranteed to steal your heart. Why, you ask? First, because of its exquisite flavour palate. And second, its exceptional baking quality is pure joy for the senses. Available in escalopes (35 gr, 50 gr, 60 gr and 80 gr), chutes for processing and denervated liver.



Grounded in quality

Bring the purest taste of highly refined truffles to every dish. Our trusted French and Italian suppliers deliver only the best products on the market today. Every delivery is as fresh as it gets: we run several deliveries a week.


Astoundingly pure

Exclusive artisan jellies and confits, prepared to pair perfectly with foie gras. Green tomato confit, quince confit or elderflower jelly? Taste surprising combinations and experience new flavours with every bite.

Olive oil

Delicate tastes, carefully selected

Delightful olive oil varieties, made by fine producers with a passion for taste and artisan craftsmanship. Serve a full-bodied Coppini from Umbria, an outstanding Fattoria Scirinda from Sicily, or an exclusive Villa Manodori from Tuscany – or surprise your guests with a Castillo de Tabernas from Almeria, right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada.

Aceto Balsamico

Exclusive in every way

If you’re looking for a great Aceto Balsamico, try this 8-year-old beauty: affordable but intensely flavoursome. Do you know world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura? Then you might know that he’s a gifted producer of delicious Aceto Balsamico too. His Villa Manodori Tradizionale and Dark Cherry make for an exclusive assortment that will delight you in every way.


A selection of taste

NIVO-Finess’ ist he Belgian market supplier for all Vanilla Venture products. Spices with a story and an abundance of flavour. Vanilla, saffron and much more.



Morels and Porcini

Have you ever tried dried morels and porcini? Porcini are temporarily unavailable at the moment due to high prices, but make sure to taste our porcini jus for a flavourful journey with every dish.


A gem from the Arab kitchen

Nadia and Merijn are two ladies that fully master Arab cuisine, packed with oriental flavours and herbs. They supply us with beautiful, hand-rolled couscous, a pomegranate molasses, ras-el-hanout and harissa – among other delicious products.



Delightful Pasta Pura

NIVO-Finess’ has created an irresistible ravioli with a foie gras filling, in collaboration with Ruud Souren from Pasta Pura. Be sure to try their other flavours too, with spinach/ricotta, veal or green asparagus and Parma ham.


Slow Escargots

Enjoy the rhythm of nature

The snails from SlowEscargots are raised up with fresh fruit and vegetables– and with no artificial implements such as heating or lighting. That natural rhythm is the secret to the luscious taste of the snails, which canbe enjoyed fresh or boiled in a vegetable bouillon.


Heavenly chocolates

Pralines made for dreams

Combine high-end ingredients and passionate, dedicated artisan suppliers, and you get mouth-watering pralines just the way Jitsk makes them. These high-quality and authentic chocolate products are second to none, bursting with love for the product and flavours that make for the ultimate guilty pleasure or the perfect finale to a glorious meal.



The best Spain has to offer

If you’re aiming for flavour perfection, a pinch of Spain is paramount. Bart Van Kessel’s exclusive assortment of Iberic culinary products are a crucial addition to any food lover’s kitchen. Blue Fin toro, pasteurized pulpo, smoked olive oil, sea cucumber gizzards, fresh seaurchin, carpaccio from carabinero or Plankton Marino… The choice is yours – and you really can’t go wrong.


Easy Mixers

A drink to never forget

If you’re partial to perfect cocktails, then Easy Mixers are bound to be your new favourite. These alcohol-free mixers are brewed with all-natura lingredients and packed with unique flavours. Your new best friend for surprising cocktails with endless combinations. Or why not add them to that creative desert? Try all 12 flavours, from fruity to feisty spicy.

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