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The ingredients to top off every season

Artisan craftsmanship for every taste. The finest selection of intensely flavourful goose foie gras, truffles and outstanding gourmet products.

Quality Selection

Exquisite goose foie gras

Michelinstar chefs can’t be wrong. NIVO-Finess’ has been their go-to partner for superior goose foie gras and duck foie gras since 1994.

Quality Selection

Premium truffles

Bring that distinctive truffle flavour to every dish. Sourced from the best suppliers Italy and France have to offer.

An Artisan's Pride

Goose foie gras

NIVO-Finess’ delivers exceptional foie gras that meets the highest quality and ethical standards. That is the key to great food. Through our network of strictly monitored and trusted breeders and abattoirs, we guarantee our customers the finest foie gras products, pure in taste and highly sophisticated.

A Flavourful Treasure


Truffles may be a volatile and delicate product that is sometimes difficult to handle, but have you ever seen or tasted an ingredient quite so tempting, elegant, defining and refined? Discover a world of taste with blackwinter truffles, white Alba truffles, summer truffle… A hint of every season and an essential touch for every signature dish.


Gourmet products for professionals

True foodies deserve the best. NIVO-Finess’ prepares delightful dishes and garnishes for an unforgettable meal, cooked with the finest ingredients, in the most sanitary conditions. Bespoke artisan craftsmanship at its finest.

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Custom-made delicacies

From freshly cooked lobes to recipes with hand-denervated liver and fully preparedp roducts to meet your highest expectations… NIVO-Finess’ can deliver the finest foie-gras preparations, made with the most refined products available on the market.

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Experience the true meaning of artisanship, with exquisite products prized by every foodprofessional. Register as a client today. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the approval of your client request.